Source With Former Inside Knowledge Offers Horrifying Warning: “If Trump Wins… He Will Crack Down So Brutally It Will Make Your Head Spin”


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As this country rapidly approaches what will undoubtedly go down in history as the most important election we will ever take part in, it’s becoming more and more clear that Donald Trump and his team of corrupt cronies are willing to do whatever it takes to secure himself another four-year term.

But according to one individual who was just about as close as you could get to the Trump family years ago, the worst is still yet to come should Trump and his families ultimately be successful in their effort to secure another reign of terror over this country that’s already nearly broken beyond repair.

As bad as things are in this nation right now, under the rule of Donald Trump, former Apprentice staffer Noel Casler wants to ensure us all that this is far from the peak of Donald Trump’s depravity.

Social media users have taken note of Trump’s striking similarities to his idol and friend, dictator Vladimir Putin, as the Republican National Convention continues to roll on. However, Casler warns that Putin will look like a fluffy little cupcake if Donald secures himself another round as leader of this country.

“If Trump wins re-election, or steals it like last time, he will crack down so brutally it will make your head spin and Putin will look like a nice guy. Trump is a sadist with the heart of a psychopath,” Casler wrote in a tweet this morning.

He went on to explain in another tweet that what we’re witnessing right now is actually Trump’s version of still being kind of “nice” while he bides his time to ensure that he’ll get another 4 years to do as he pleases.

“Another way to say this is: Trump is still being kind of nice because he needs something from you. After November you become an ex-wife,” Casler wrote in an additional tweet.

Noel Casler spent many years in close contact with Donald Trump and even served as his daughter Ivanka’s handler. If there’s anyone on the face of this earth that would know, it would be Noel.

I cannot stress how imperative it is that we heed these warnings as the election comes closer and closer. We must vote as though our lives depend on it. Because in the end, they do.

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