Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Drops More Behind-The-Scenes Details About The Trump Family To 60 Minutes, Claims Trump Is “Getting Ivanka Ready To Become President”


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In a stunning new interview with 60 Minutes Australia as she rounds out her book tour, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — the former adviser to Melania Trump who got burned so badly by her former bestie that she’s all but eviscerated her in the new book — has an interesting tidbit about the First Daughter that will either amuse or horrify you, as if you saw me in the middle of a dance floor.

Speaking with host Liam Bartlett, Winston Wolkoff was discussing the emotional and power dynamic between Ivanka and Melania Trump, a relevant topic given the clear animosity between the two even as recently as the Republican National Convention that Trump illegally held at the White House. At one point on the final night of that gathering, following her own speech, Ivanka introduced her father and the First Lady to the stage. When they had taken their places, Ivanka breezed past them, and whatever look she had on her face stunned Melania into a fury that physically registered on her face.

In fact, you can see Melania’s impression that night in the short footage that Bartlett ran on the show while Winston Wolkoff was speaking.


But while Winston Wolkoff clearly still has some admiration for Melania, and none at all for Ivanka, she’s very obviously deeply disappointed in her former friend. Speaking of the bitter relationship between them, Winston Wolkoff says that Melania “has succumbed to her stepdaughter’s ability to squash her as the First Lady, to do anything effective, to effect change. And she’s just going to ride out this time, and that makes you complicit, if you’re not, you should stand up and walk away.”

And then comes the bombshell. As Winston Wolkoff describes the dynamic we all already know — that it’s painfully obvious Trump himself would choose his daughter over his wife in the end — she breaks down in tears during the interview:

The fact that he’s literally getting Ivanka ready to become a president and already putting that in people’s minds is just insane.”

We couldn’t agree more, Stephanie.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House, public domain

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