Stephen Miller Reportedly Was Caught On Leaked Audio Telling Supporters That Immigration Pause During COVID Is Actually Long Term

Because of course it is.

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Trump’s oldest White House adviser and resident white supremacist Stephen Miller made headlines once again this week as he confirmed that our suspicions about Trump’s recent immigration order not only have nothing to do with safety related to the coronavirus outbreak, but that the order is part of a longstanding push to curb even legal immigration in an effort to diminish the number of nonwhites in this country.

Trump’s initial Wednesday order to suspend immigration into the United States was intended to last for 60 days, deactivating green cards for some trying to enter the country. Although there were a few exemptions from Trump’s broad order, it was transparent enough for most pundits and observers to note that it would have the clear effect of limiting both illegal and legal immigration, something that the administration has long held as a goal.

But during a private phone call on Thursday, of which the Washington Post obtained the audio, Miller told Trump supporters off the record that the order is actually meant to be long term.


Even during the Coronavirus Task Force briefing in which Trump was asked by a reporter about the immigration order for the first time — whether he was simply taking advantage of the pandemic to institute policies he’d long sought — Trump seemed to be oblivious as he said no, he wasn’t doing that, then indicated that it was about immigrants “taking jobs” from Americans.

Now Miller has confirmed it, telling those on the call that “the most important thing is to turn off the faucet of new immigrant labor.”

In fact, anti-immigrant groups that Miller has maintained connections with throughout his time with the Trump administration actually condemned the president’s order as too weak, saying that “corporate lobbyists and other immigration expansionists in the White House persuaded the President to significantly water down” his executive order.

Although the order was called a “pause,” Miller told the supporters over the phone that the strategy was part of a “long-term vision,” according to the Post:

As a numerical proposition, when you suspend the entry of a new immigrant from abroad, you’re also reducing immigration further because the chains of follow-on migration that are disrupted. So the benefit to American workers compounds with time.”

I’m almost at the point where I will be surprised if we see Stephen Miller in the news for anything other than being a horribly racist scumbag.

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