Stephen Miller Spent His First Day As A Former Trump Adviser Attacking Joe Biden And Twitter Was Not Having It

What a ghoul.

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The Department of Homeland Security concluded in early October last year that white supremacists “remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the homeland,” following widespread concern that Donald Trump didn’t do enough to condemn such groups at a debate. However, Trump did embolden them, and we witnessed that on January 6th when his supporters stormed the Capitol, causing deaths, destruction, and mayhem. It was an attack on a co-equal branch of government incited by the former president.

Stephen Miller spent his first day as a former White House adviser by attacking newly minted President Joe Biden on Twitter in what appears to be the only tweet he has unleashed on his account. And while most of us were crying happy tears yesterday, Miller was crying angry MAGA tears. He will no longer get to feast on the tears of immigrant children at the border that he intentionally separated from their families.


Twitter users pounced.

Does he really need to be shown the door? Stephen Miller was fired, too, by the American people.

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