Stormy Daniels Claimed Her Attorney Has Been In Contact With NY Investigators As Part Of Their Investigation Into Trump

Everyone's turning against him.

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past several weeks, it seems like almost everyone in Trumpworld is dropping off like flies — and I don’t mean they’re dying. When I say they’re dropping off, I mean they’re turning on disgraced former President Donald Trump like a dog looking for belly scratches as the criminal investigations into him and his business continue to heat up.

The likes of his former attorney and self-described “fixer” Micheal Cohen and Melania Trump’s old BFF Stephanie Winston Wolkoff turned against the corrupt family ages back, and now it seems that Donald’s old hush money flame Stormy Daniels is definitely joining the club.

During a recent appearance on CNN, Daniels confirmed that her attorney has, in fact, been in touch with prosecutors who are currently investigating the ex-president’s business, the Trump Organization.


“I have not been called to testify,” Daniels revealed. “I know that my attorney, Clark Brewster, has been in contact with them and very forthcoming with my willingness to participate.”

She went on to confirm that should she be deposed by investigators, she has every intention of cooperating fully.

“I would tell them everything I know,” she stated. “I would tell them I was approached, I would tell them I have evidence that the money came from an account set up at the direction of Donald Trump, I would tell them that money was traced back to Russian funds, I would give them copies of the bank wires and all of the transcripts for that, and I think that anybody should be really terrified that a normal citizen can take the fall for somebody in power.”

Of course, this is far from the first time that Trump’s old flame has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to her old hookup, no one will soon be forgetting the hush-money fiasco that flipped Michael Cohen’s life upside down.

You can watch Daniels’ CNN clip here:

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