Stormy Daniels Reveals Her Disturbing Incident With Trump Involving His Son And Melania, Proves He’s A Monster

Wow. Trump is even more horrendous than we thought he was.

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The more we find out about president Donald Trump, the more we can’t believe that one human being could possibly be this vile, selfish and lacking in any sort of empathy.

Republicans love to talk about their “family values,” but they’ve pretty much decimated their fanbase and all chances for the midterm elections by continuing to support politicians who are the exact opposite such as Trump and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. America is not taking kindly to men who sexually assault women, and it’s becoming harder for the GOP to sweep these incidents under the rug.

But even when Trump isn’t assaulting women, he’s still not “family values” material — and adult film star Stormy Daniels proved that when she came forward and exposed her affair with Trump during his marriage to Melania. But it gets so, SO much worse.


Daniels has just revealed more details about her sexual escapades with Trump and exposed a very disturbing detail that was previously left out. Seriously, this should be all you need to convince you that Trump is a sociopath. Apparently, Daniels claims that before she and Trump had sex, The Donald actually showed her a photo of Melania holding Barron in her arms, who was an infant at the time.

Daniels talked about this disturbing incident from 2006 in her book Full Disclosure and recalls the conversation she had with Trump in his hotel room back then. Daniels wrote:

I said, ‘You’re married. What would your wife think of you being here with me?”’

Trump responded, “Oh don’t worry about that. It’s not a big deal, anyway we have separate bedrooms.”

What Trump did next should seriously raise eyebrows, especially any GOPer who wants to uphold those far-right family “values.” Daniels said:

As if to prove his intentions were now legit, he jumped up to grab a photo. ‘Have you seen my son?’

He showed me a photo of Melania holding Barron, who was only four months old. It was adorable, and I could tell it made him genuinely proud.”

Of course, then Trump proceeded to sleep with Daniels, making it clear that this man has no sense of conscience or remorse. And even though Trump has set the bar so low, we have to admit that even this is a level of insensitivity we hadn’t seen before.

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