Ted Cruz Appears To Be Caught On Video Texting In The Middle Of Former Capitol Police Chief’s Statement

You've gotta be kidding me.

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz has found himself on the wrong end of a flurry of rapid-fire after he essentially abandoned his state and constituents for Cancun in the middle of a record-breaking winter storm that left thousands of Texans without heat, water, or electricity for nearly a week, only to drag his sorry behind back to the States when he got “busted.” Hell, the dude even left the poor family dog behind in the cold.

Since the whole fiasco, Ted has only served to make things worse for himself, trying to blame the trip on his daughters, getting caught in a group chat that revealed the extent of their plans, and then turning around and calling people “assholes” for busting him out. To say the very least now is the time for Cruz to be laying low and staying out of trouble, not kicking up more drama.

But, like any good GOP rat, it seems Cruz never learns.


Even after all the backlash he’s earned this last week or two, Cruz proved today that he still hasn’t learned a thing, including basic human decency and respect.

This morning, former Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund delivered his opening statement before Congress regarding the January 6th violent insurrection against the Capitol building at the hands of Trump supporters, ignited by the former president himself.

It was a powerful statement that truly depicted the depths of depravity these people went to on that fateful day.

And what was Texas Senator Ted Cruz doing during this heartfelt statement?

He was texting.

CNN happened to pan over to the Texas senator as Sund delivered his statement, only to see Cruz pecking away on his smartphone, very clearly typing out a text message with one thumb.

Take a look:

Social media was appalled:

You’re literally digging your own hole, Cruz.

Featured image via screen capture

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