Ted Cruz Crumbles In Extremely Long And Awkward Silence Over The Easiest Debate Question

This should disqualify him ASAP.

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If you thought Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was unlikeable before, just wait until you see what he did last night during a debate against Democratic challenger Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Cruz is currently making the rounds on the internet — but not for anything he should be proud of. Last night during the debate, Cruz had a truly awkward moment that was a great reminder that he doesn’t deserve to serve this country — after all, he couldn’t even answer the most simple question during this debate. How will he ever handle the real problems this country is facing?!

During the debate, Cruz was asked a softball question to add a more lighthearted moment to a tense debate. The question Cruz was asked was this:

Tell us something you’ve done in the last year that has nothing to do with politics that would give Texans insight to who you are as a person.”

It was a question most candidates would pray for, because it allows their constituents to get a deeper look into their personal life and values and find a deeper way to connect with voters. And Cruz f*cked it all up — he was actually STUMPED by it!

People around the world were stunned as Cruz was silent for six painfully awkward seconds before he let out a defeated sigh. The audience actually had to laugh to relieve the tension. Watch below:

This is so cringeworthy, it’s unbelievable. Cruz eventually found something to say, and spoke about how hard it was to be a father while being on the road and serving in the U.S. Senate. However, no one is going to care about or remember that, because everything Cruz said was overshadowed by his inappropriate silence.

Cruz truly has no personality worth trusting or getting to know — he doesn’t even seem to know it himself.

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