Ted Cruz Goes On Profanity-Laced Rant Against Neighbors Who Leaked Texts About Cancun Trip: “Don’t Be A**holes”


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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Cancun) and his wife Heidi are not happy with whoever leaked the texts showing that he ditched his constituents while he went on a family vacation. The party of personal responsibility isn’t living up to its name. The thing is, though, that when you send a mass texts out amid the weather crisis to say your home is “FREEZING” and proposing a getaway while inviting others to join them at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancún, it’s likely that the conversation is going to be leaked — and it was. If you’re as disliked as the Texas Republican is, it’s just not a good idea.

Heidi Cruz said they had stayed at the Ritz Carlton “many times” and noted in the texts that the room price for that week ($309 per night) while her husband’s constituents were out of food, water, and power — the basic necessities that keep us all alive. So, the Cruzes were kind of assholes here. Still, the Senator thinks the leakers are the assholes, according to what he said during an appearance on the “Ruthless” podcast hosted by former Mitch McConnell campaign manager Josh Holmes.

Oh, and Heidi is pissed off, too, about the leaked messages.


“I will say, Heidi was pretty pissed at that,” Cruz said. “She was over at the neighbor’s house yesterday, sort of walking through that… We have a number of Republicans who are neighbors, but we also have a lot of Democrats, folks on our streets who put up Beto signs, which I thought was a little rude.”

Why are Beto signs rude? That’s an odd thing to say, especially since O’Rourke was doing his job for him while he was in sunny Cancun. Beto’s team made over 151,000 phone calls to check on senior citizens to make sure they had food and weren’t stranded.

Then, Cruz called out the assholes that leaked the texts. I’d refer to them as heroes, though.

“Here’s a suggestion: Just don’t be assholes,” Cruz said. “Yeah, like, just, you know, treat each other as human beings have some degree, some modicum of respect.”

Listen around the 47:30 mark:

That’s an interesting way to put it. Cruz wants to be treated with respect after he, not them, was caught bailing on his constituents during a historic crisis. And that betrayal the Cruzes are feeling after being exposed by their friends? That’s how his constituents felt when he ditched them, then lied about it.

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