Ted Cruz Humiliated Himself By Trying To Troll Michigan Governor, But Failed Miserably After She Busts Him In A Lie

If you hate Ted Cruz, you'll love seeing him get publicly humiliated.

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) got caught in an embarrassing lie by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, forcing him to delete an image he used to attack social distancing policies she put in place to protect the public health in her state.

Whitmer signed a measure into law penalizing those who fail to maintain a distance of six feet between themselves and others in public.

Those who get caught violating the policy will have to pay a $1,000 fine.


Well, Cruz thought he was being clever by posting what he thought was an image of the signing ceremony for the measure, counting eleven people in the photo, including Whitmer, who he says should be fined as well.

There’s just one problem. As Governor Whitmer pointed out, the photo Cruz used is from January 2019.

Whitmer absolutely humiliated Cruz. As a result, he soon deleted his tweet. But the Internet and his humiliation are forever.

Cruz thought he could pull one over on the Democratic governor, only to get caught peddling a lie.

This embarrassment comes after Cruz had to self-quarantine because he failed to take the coronavirus seriously, choosing to attend CPAC where, like so many attendees, he interacted with someone who later tested positive. Clearly, Cruz was not social distancing when he really should have been. Not only should he have learned his lesson about pandemics, he hopefully learned a lesson about launching false attacks against a governor who is clearly smarter than him.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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