Ted Cruz Is Reportedly Flying Home Amid Outrage Over His Decision To Fly To Cancun And Had His Staff Ask Houston Police To Assist Him With Getting Out Of The Airport Upon His Return

This is a bad look, Ted.

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sprang into action after hundreds of thousands of homes in his state had to endure the fourth day without heat on Thursday amid the winter storm that crippled the state’s electrical grid by taking a flight to sunny Cancun, Mexico. Texans have found themselves without food, water, and power, so Cruz decided to take a family vacay. Well, he’s reportedly on his way back to Texas after being thoroughly blasted on the internet.

According to ABC’s Ben Siegel, Cruz’s staff got in touch with the Houston Police Department to see if they could help the Texas Republican make his way out of Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport — and it’s not clear why Cruz needs assistance to leave the airport.


Just to give you an idea of the difficulties Texans are going through amid this crisis:

And this:

This looks so bad:

Fox News has independently confirmed that Cruz flew to Cancún last night on vacation while millions of Texans shivered in the cold. Other outlets, including the Associated Press, confirmed Cruz’s trip, too.

While millions of Texans struggle with a lack of power, heat, and water amid the deadly winter weather, Cruz flying off to Cancún, Mexico, isn’t even the worst thing he’s done in 2021. Cruz was already under fire for spreading former president Donald Trump’s Big Lie that led to the deadly insurrection on Jan. 6th. People were already calling for Cruz’s resignation after the riots at the Capitol, so this just isn’t a good look for the Texas Republican.

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