Tell-All Authors Confronted Trump To His Face Over Incessant Lies And His Reply Was Even More Cringe-Inducing Than We Expected

Oh, good grief.

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The authors of one of the new tell-all books coming out against disgraced former President Donald Trump and his disastrous administration recently made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where they revealed that they actually confronted the former guy to his face over his incessant lies about the 2020 election — only for Trump to give an answer so ridiculous our eyes rolled harder than we ever knew possible.

Washington Post journalist Philip Rucker recollected his interview with ex-President Trump, saying on the MSNBC segment, “We asked him why, as president, he thought it was OK for him to continually tell the American people things that were not true, to lie again and again and again.”

“And he said to us, ‘You know, there’s a beautiful word, and it’s called disinformation,'” Rucker said of Trump’s cringe-inducing response.


Rucker and his fellow Washington Post journalist Carol Leonnig sat down with Donald Trump back in March at his Mar-a-Lago resort to interview the former guy for their tell-all book, “I Alone Can Fix It” Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year, which was released on Tuesday.

The MSNBC host asked why the reporters thought Trump would even willingly sit for the interview when he knew that the contents of the book wouldn’t be painting him in a flattering light; Leonnig thinks Trump is addicted to the attention and he knows it.

“It is a sickness in some respects,” she explained. “However, I would argue part of the reason he sat with us for so long is because we were eager to hear his explanations… his narrative of this incredible, consequential, and ultimately catastrophic year. We wanted him to have a chance to explain that.”

She went on to note that Trump’s main grievance was “how often people around him failed him.”

“I think it’s so interesting his narrative is basically that he alone was the brilliant genius and everyone else was an enemy or a weak, paltry stand-in.”

You can watch the MSNBC clip here:

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