Terrifying Report Claims Capitol Attackers Who Wanted To Physically Harm Mike Pence Were Only One Minute Away From Him

This is horrifying.

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It’s certainly no secret that Donald Trump has not been happy with his Vice President, Mike Pence. Frankly, he expected Pence to throw what little of his political career he had left into the toilet when Congress voted to certify the Electoral College votes in Biden’s favor, pressuring him to refuse to allow the votes to be certified despite the fact that Pence has no such power to do anything of the sort.

Pence made as much clear before Congress even began to certify the results, saying that he wouldn’t want to be friends with his VP anymore if he didn’t pull through for him. We figured, as petty as Donald Trump is, this was one time where he actually meant what he said — he wouldn’t be friends with the guy anymore. However, many of those closest to Pence believe Trump took things to a whole new level in regard to the Capitol riot and not only threw the outgoing VP under the bus but actually risked his life.

And according to a terrifying new report from The Washington Post, Pence confidants weren’t too far off the mark, at least when it comes to how close a call it was for the Vice President.


Reports have claimed that some of the people involved in the Capitol insurrection actually had plans to hang VP Pence, and according to WaPo the mob was only about a minute away from him when they stormed the building.

Reporting on the Post’s report, CNN’s Jessica Schneider said, “Perilously close. That is how close he came to maybe encountering these rioters who had breached the Capitol complex,” noting that the publication had given a startling play by play, minute by minute account of the attack.

“And it is really stunning because it does come down to just minutes and in fact maybe even just one minute between when those rioters breached and were within sight of the vice president before he was whisked into another office,” she said.

The report from the Post revealed that Pence was not evacuated from the Senate chamber until a full 14 minutes after the Capitol police announced that the mob had attempted to storm the room.

Schneider explained that means Pence was not moved to a safe room until after the insurrectionists had already entered the building with some of them chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!”

“One minute after Pence was hustled out of the chamber, a group charged the stairs to a second floor landing in the Senate. That’s some of the video we’ve seen of those rioters rushing up the stairs,” Schneider stated, adding that Pence was lucky enough to be “tucked away” in a nearby office before any of the rioters were able to reach him.

You can watch the clip of CNN, from Mediaite, here.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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