Texas Governor Appears To Practice Sounding Sincere And Empathetic During Press Conference Sound Check

That's not a good look.

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Pretty much the whole of the Texas GOP has found themselves under fire, and rightfully so, after their lackluster response to the devastating winter storm that rocked the southern state last week, leaving thousands of their constituents without electricity, heat, or running water, not to mention extensive and expensive damages to their homes and property.

Quite literally, people lost their lives in the cold temperatures with no way to keep safe and warm — all while their Senator Ted Cruz took off to Cancun for a little winter vacation, their electric company basked in the glory of it all, and their Lt. Governor ended up blaming the massive electric bills that followed on the innocent constituents.

Seriously, it’s been an absolute mess.


So much so that it seemed Texas’ GOP governor Greg Abbott has been attempting to do some serious damage control, all the way down to the tone of his voice.

In video footage now making its way across social media, Abbott can be seen preparing himself for a press conference. In the video, they appear to be conducting a soundcheck, during which Abbott can be heard adjusting the sound and tone of his voice. The Texas governor can be heard saying, “There will be occasions where I’ll be talking about it like this,” in a robust tone of voice, before switching over to a softer, more sincere-sounding tone and saying, “And some other occasions when I’ll be talking like this.”

“Is that good enough?” Abbott asks after taking a short pause.

It appears as though the Texas governor is quite literally doing a run-through, practicing his tone of voice to sound empathetic and sincere to his constituents who have literally had their lives turned upside down this past week and a half.

Unsurprisingly, social media wasn’t impressed:

Nice try, Abbott. But we can see right through your Texas-sized BS.

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