The Grift Seems To Be Over As Eric Trump Is Seen Flying Coach

The grift is up.

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There’s no doubt that the Trump clan was really getting used to living the high life on the American taxpayers’ dime — lavish trips around the globe on daddy’s coattails, numerous rides on Air Force One, and using their father’s position in the presidency to grift their way through their personal lives.

But, the jig is up. Donnie’s reign of terror on this country is over, the American people aren’t going to be paying for their various excursions anymore, and the whole of the country isn’t interested in their Trump wine or steaks, we just want to forget these God awful people ever existed, much less enjoyed as much power and control as they did for four long, hard years.

As of January 20th at noon, the Trumps were once again meager private citizens and it’s already starting to show.


A new report from TMZ seems to show that grifter-in-chief Eric Trump has already reaped the consequences of being a private American citizen when he was seen on a recent flight flying coach.

TMZ reports that a source told them that Eric, his wife Lara, and their two children were spotted on a coach Delta flight from Palm Beach, FL back to NYC on Sunday.

The report alleges that the Trump family wasn’t seen hanging out in the airport terminal like your average Joe, but was escorted to the flight by Secret Service agents.

The report notes that Eric put the family’s luggage in the overhead bin and their kids were well-behaved. Sources say that the Trump couple was friendly with their fellow passengers on the plane and Eric was asked to take a few selfies with passengers while wearing a “USA” mask.

Before Donald Trump left office, he did extend Secret Service protection for his family members by 6 months, which explains why agents were with the family.

You can read the full report here.

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