The MyPillow Guy Just Got Even More Ridiculous, Claims Donald Trump Is The First President In His Lifetime “Who Wasn’t In It For The Ego”

Good grief.

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Donald Trump surrounds himself with a whole lot of absolutely insane people, there’s simply no denying that. If you ask me, I think he does it to ultimately make himself feel a little less insane, but whatever the reason is, it seems those around him just keep getting more and more unhinged.

But at the end of the day, let’s be honest, no one is worse than Mike Lindell.

The MyPillow CEO is frankly known for his off-the-wall, bizarre, and generally unhinged statements and beliefs. And trust me when I say, this instance is no exception to that rule.


Back in 2019, Lindell penned a memoir titled, What Are The Odds?, in which he detailed a dream he once had about meeting Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump and I were in some kind of room,” the pillow salesman wrote. “It was an office with pictures on the wall behind us, and we were standing next to each other posing for a picture.”

The pair met in 2016 and have pretty much been two nutcases in a pod ever since. Recently, Lindell sat for an interview with Rolling Stone and it was clear as crystal that the crazy pillow guy is still just as obsessed with the crazy reality TV guy as ever.

“He is the only president in my lifetime who wasn’t in it for the ego and worked only for the people and not for his own interests,” Lindell told Rolling Stone journalist Stephen Rodrick.

After spending so long now peddling his theory that Trump would be “reinstated” by August, which is less than 2 months away now, the CEO of the MyPillow company once again shifted his timeline on the theory, stating, “Six months from now, Trump will be our real president and our country will be heading toward its greatest rebirth in history.”

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Just last week, Lindell held a rally that turned out to be quite a bust — with a pretty pathetic turnout compared to the promise of 30k guests that Lindell made, as well as video footage of people walking out of the event as he ranted and raved something about Jesus.

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