The Office Of Melania Trump Breaks Silence Over Recent Tell-All Books And It’s Even Whinier Than We Expected

They're big mad!

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Throughout Donald Trump’s four-year term in the White House (the longest four years of my life, hands down) there was a whole hell of a lot of tell-all books to come out about the guy — hailing from former advisors and administration officials to Trump White House reporters. But folks, if he thought it was bad when he was in office if those books bothered him… Got up under his skin… Made his eyeballs itch… Something tells me he’s rolling around in the fetal position right about now because, since his humiliating departure from the White House, the tell-alls have been virtually non-stop.

So much so, in fact, that they seem to have managed to get under the skin of Trump’s seemingly souless third wife Melania.

Now you know just as well as I do that Melania Trump is almost assuredly more alien or droid than she is human. I don’t think the woman would know a solid emotion if it smacked her in those surgically sculpted kidneys of hers. Yet, it seems even the most heartless of alien/robot hybrids found themselves bothered by all the juicy information coming out against her husband, herself, and their family. Or, at least, someone on her team did.


Yesterday, the Office of Melania Trump Twitter account put out their first social media post since the Fourth of July, when the account retweeted the former First Lady’s Independence Day message, and it was in direct response to the recent influx of tell-all books hitting the shelves and the media waves about the former First Family.

And… Spoiler alert… They aren’t happy.

“How can people believe any of the books discussing Mrs. Trump’s life?” the tweet reads. “Stories about her are idle gossip, many of which are misleading, and only some the truth. Writers have no credibility. Books are fiction, and readers should be cautious about what they choose to believe.”

Now, we’re sure that the former FLOTUS didn’t pen this humdinger of a social media post herself — it certainly reads as though it came from one lowly staff member or another, though, we don’t doubt for a moment that Mel certainly shares the sentiment.

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However, it wasn’t that long ago that reports indicated Melania herself was allegedly floating the idea of penning a book of her own. So… About that credibility?

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