The Trouble’s Not Over For Matt Gaetz As Wingman Reportedly Requests Delay In Sentencing, Claiming He Has More To Offer Investigators

It's far from over, Matt...

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Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz seems to be living his life without a care in the world in regard to the severe sex trafficking allegations that have been lodged against him this year. And, frankly, it certainly does sometimes seem that, like so many disgusting Republicans before him, he’s going to ultimately get away with it all. However, according to new reporting from NBC’s Tom Winter, things are actually far from over for the Trump-loving House Rep.

Winter took to Twitter today to report that attorneys for Joel Greenberg — Matt Gaetz’s former “wingman,” who is linked to the allegations of paying for sex lodged against Gaetz as well as his own sex crimes that he’s currently awaiting sentencing for — is requesting a delay in his sentencing, claiming that he still has much more to offer investigators as he cooperates with their investigation.

Back in May, the former Seminole County, Fla. tax collector and “wingman” to Gaetz pleaded guilty to 6 different heinous crimes — sex trafficking of a child, production of a false document, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud, stalking, and conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S.


The investigation into Greenberg ultimately roped Matt Gaetz into the mix, who is now currently under investigation for similar crimes on both a state and federal level.

This morning, Winter reported that Greenberg is seeking a continuance until next year to his sentencing, as he claims to have even more information to share with investigators and prosecutors — much of which likely has to do with the MAGA House Representative.

“Joel Greenberg, a former associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz has asked to delay his sentencing citing his ongoing cooperation with investigators, court documents say, as the probe into whether or not Gaetz had sex with an underage girl continues. Allegations Gaetz has denied,” Winter reports.

The NBC journalist goes on to add, “His attorney, Fritz Scheller, sayst Greenberg has been cooperating with prosecutors through a series of proffers and that cooperation won’t be done before his current sentencing date of November 18th. Prosecutors and Greenberg are asking for a sentencing date in March 2022.”

You can read Winter’s tweets here:

Frankly, Matt, all the shotgun weddings in the world likely won’t save you from what’s coming.

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