The White House Reportedly Did Not Alert The Biden Campaign Of Possible Exposure After POTUS Tested Positive

President Super-Spreader.

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Donald Trump announced on Twitter at nearly 1:00 a.m. ET on Friday that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19, and that was after the president sent out a message on the social media platform to say that Hope Hicks has contracted the disease.

According to Bloomberg News, only a small circle of people were aware that Hicks tested positive, and Trump’s senior staff wanted that information kept under wraps. Even after Hicks tested positive, the super-spreader president still traveled to a fundraiser in Bedminster, the Daily Beast reports. He mingled with guests and posed for personal photo-ops with his supporters.

Trump has literally put his own supporters and donors at risk, and folks, he could very well be destabilizing the government he heads due to his narcissism. And because we can’t trust a prolific liar like Mr. Trump, a lot of people are speculating as to whether he contracted the disease or not. This is not normal, by the way, but even worse, according to Jake Tapper — who quoted CNN’s Sarah Mucha –, the Trump campaign and the White House failed to alert the Biden campaign that they were possibly exposed to the disease.


Biden and Trump are both in the high-risk category, so this administration’s sheer incompetence to not contact the Democratic presidential nominee is staggering.

Ronna McRomney contracted the coronavirus, too.

Trump has been holding rallies amid the pandemic without respect to his own supporters, who haven’t taken COVID-19 seriously because of the president. The president has also mocked Joe Biden for wearing a protective face mask and practicing social distancing amid the pandemic that has taken over two hundred and eight thousand American lives.

Trump surrendered to the coronavirus without putting up a fight and even turned on his own supporters, but it was only a matter of time before that happened. Most of us knew something like this would take place. As for President COVID-45 contracting the disease, it is what it is.

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