Things Are Getting Progessively Worse For Putin After The Entire Staff Of A Russian TV Channel Reportedly Quit Live On Air, Declared “No To War” Before Walking Out Of The Studio

The Russian people have had enough.

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Pretty much since the very moment Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin made the decision to declare war on the country of Ukraine and its people in a “surprise” speech in the early hours of the morning, when citizens were at their most vulnerable, multiple experts have spoken out with their professional analyses — all of which have pointed to a rapidly crumbling plan for Putin.

Right off the bat, the Russian dictator along with the rest of the world was quick to learn that the Ukrainian people will not take this invasion and attack lying down. Even Ukraine’s own president has taken up arms, boots on the ground, and defended his nation and his people, right alongside them. This is, of course, likely a move that Putin absolutely was not prepared for. Not to mention the isolation of the Russian dictator by the West, that’s almost assuredly only serving to make Putin’s life that much worse.

But to make matters that much worse for the murderous dictator, multiple reports have indicated that it’s not just the Ukrainian people that are rising up against him — it’s some of his own. Experts have analyzed reports coming out of Ukraine and say that Vladimir’s own military is already growing sick and tired of the war they never wanted to be a part of. And now it seems that Russia’s average, everyday people are beginning to do the same.

As we’re all well aware, Vladimir Putin has been anything but truthful with his citizens in regard to the Ukrainian invasion and attack. He continues to peddle lies to the Russian people, claiming that Ukraine was infiltrated by Nazis in their leadership positions, and his invasion and attack against the sovereign nation was done to help and protect them. As is customary in Putin’s Russia, anyone who dares to try to challenge that narrative faces consequences we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

But nevertheless, people are standing up and speaking out.

According to a new report, the entire staff at a Russian television channel recently quit their jobs on live air, bracely declaring “No to war” during their final broadcast, before walking out of the studio.

The TV Rain (Dozhd) staff’s decision to resign in protest came on the heels of Russian authorities suspending their operations over their reporting of the truth regarding the Ukraine war.

The employees of the station staged a mass walkout, with one of the station’s founders, Natalia Sindeyeva, sharply stating “No to war” in the final telecast as the employees walked out of the building. The station went on to release a statement revealing that they have suspended their operations “indefinitely.”

Video footage of the mass walk out was posted to LinkedIn by writer Daniel Abrahams:

Following the exit of the station’s entire staff, the Swan Lake ballet video was played on the channel, the same video that was shown state-run TV channels following the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, which has since gone viral.

This particular news station is certainly far from the first to see blowback from Russian authorities over thier truthful reporting on the Ukrainian invasion and attack. Last week, the US accused Russia of  launching a “full war on media freedom and the truth” over their blocking of independent news outlets in an effort to prevent Russian citizens from hearing the real truth about the war, instead of Putin’s propaganda.

In a statement, the US State Department said, “Russia’s government is also throttling Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms that tens of millions of Russia’s citizens rely on to access independent information and opinions.”

I believe Vladimir Putin is beginning to realize that people are not, will not back down.

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