Those Who Voted For Trump In 2016 Shared “Breaking Point” Moment That Made Them Stop Supporting Him

This will restore your faith in humanity.

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Thousands of former Trump supporters inundated a viral thread on the behemoth social site Reddit to explain what their “breaking point” was when they decided to distance themselves from the president. This is kind of a favorite topic of mine since I happen to be close friends with two former Trump supporters who are ready to cast their ballots for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November. And we know there are a lot of others that feel the same way.

Some of the replies will make you feel that humanity has a chance now even though it’s still 2020.

“In 2016 when he demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he completely lacked any moral fabric by attempting to disparage McCain’s military record because he was captured,” said one Redditor.


“When I realized his words had no meaning. You literally can’t trust anything he says,” another Reddit user wrote. “It could be blatant lies and he wouldn’t care at all. It’s dangerous.”

This Reddit user says he’s voting for Biden.

“Annoying non-stop Twitter rants, egomaniac, lack of empathy, Divide and Conquer mentality, tyrannical,” he or she wrote. “White House Turn-Over Rate. Yeah, there’s typically some that resign in politics, but WOW. Front door is now a revolving door.” The social media user added, “Now voting for Biden.”

“I don’t know if the rally took place before or after he was elected, but I didn’t see it until after. It was the one where he talked about how he hates windmills, and I believe he said he knows more about wind than anybody,” another Reddit user wrote. “Then did a bit about not being able to watch tv because it’s not a windy day. That was when I became embarrassed about my vote and started to regret it. It only got worse after that.”

“There were so many early on, so Goddamn many, but something that upsets me DEEPLY to my core to this day was the separation of children WHILE ALSO deporting a number of the parents to random parts of South America without telling them where they’re going for most of them to die within the first few months of being in some cases literally blindfolded & dropped off,” a Reddit user wrote. “There are 2-7-year-olds then & right now who don’t know what the fuck is going on or where their parents are, only for most of them to already be dead right now or never seen again.”

“It’s one of the most fucked up things I think that has ever happened under an American administration,” he or she continued. “I know our country has done a lot and a lot worse, but he cemented himself as one of the worst & most evil presidents in our history so far by playing such a key, pivotal role in that.”

“Recently, when he threatened to shoot looters. (I don’t support the looting it’s just that the punishment shouldn’t be death),” another Reddit user wrote, adding, “Also when he said that the 75-year-old man that was pushed down was actually ANTIFA.”

“The childish name-calling of everyone he doesn’t like,” another weighed in. “A grown-up, and especially the president, should not act like that. I can also do without constantly hearing him talk about how great he is in the third person.”

The entire thread is worth reading. Keep talking, Mr. President.

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