Thousands Of Republican Voters Flooded The Internet To Explain Exactly Why They “Left The GOP”

Just in time to vote against Trump.

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The Twitter hashtag #ILeftTheGOP was inundated with former Republican voters explaining why they left the party, with a lot of folks pointing to Donald Trump. Now, we could easily point to Ronald Reagan as a solid reason to have abandoned the Republican party years ago, but we’re not going to judge people if they’re just now waking up from the fog.

Besides, it’s a healthy topic to discuss during these polarized times, especially while the world witnessed a blatant coverup by Senate Republicans and the most incompetent response to a national emergency by any Republican president in history.

Columnist Cheri Jacobus launched the hashtag, asking others to share with the Twitterverse why they “cut the cord” and thousands of people promptly used the hashtag.


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Conservatives tried to launch a #WalkAway movement in 2018 to claim that Democrats are fleeing the party but it was revealed to be an astroturfed campaign driven by pro-Trump Twitter users and amplified by automated and Russian-linked accounts. Trump supporters are not moderates. Republicans have become the party for extremists. Just walk away, conservatives.

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