Tiffany Trump Was Seen Flaunting 13-Carat Engagement Ring From Billionaire Boyfriend As The Subpoenas Keep Racking Up In Investigation Against Her Father

Tiff is living her best life.

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There’s no denying that things are absolutely falling apart for disgraced former President Donald Trump. The numerous investigations against him are heating up with each passing day (especially now that NY District Attorney Letitia James made the announcement that her investigation has officially turned criminal), more subpoenas are coming down the pike with each passing moment, and the lawsuits, frankly, are absolutely endless.

But none of that seems to be stopping his children from living their best lives. At least, not his daughters, anyway.

Eric is continuing to grift for his daddy in an effort to earn his love while Junior continues to rant in an effort to earn that trust fund and Barron, thankfully, is still young enough to be quiet. But the Trump daughters are a different story.


We’ve reported a couple of times now that Donald’s oldest (and, let’s face it, favorite) daughter, Ivanka, doesn’t seem to be much affected at all by her daddy’s numerous woes as she lives it up on a yacht with her family and flaunts her (undoubtedly surgically) toned abs in a crop top while on an outing with her hubs, Jared Kushner. And now it seems that Tiffany is following in those same footsteps as her older half-sister.

Just recently, we released an article telling of the designer clothes Tiffany sported at a soccer game as the investigations heated up against her father. And now, with more subpoenas and testimonies coming down the pike, she still doesn’t seem all that disturbed over it all, after the DailyMail released photos of the youngest Trump daughter flaunting her 13-carat engagement ring while out and about with her billionaire boyfriend.

According to the report, Tiffany and her loaded fiancé Michael Boulos were “dressed to impress” while attending a Haute Living’s charity event with  French soccer star Blaise Matuidi benefitting the athlete’s organization Tremplins Blaise Matuidi.

The DailyMail reports that the couple has kept a relatively low profile since their January engagement, but were all too happy to pose for photos at the Biltmore Hotel on Thursday evening.

Tiffany was living it up in a teal cocktail dress featuring a thigh-high slit and paired the ensemble with her 13-carat engagement ring that’s believed to be worth an astounding $1.2 million.

The youngest Trump daughter’s fingers and toenails were painted to match her dress, but some seemed to be missing paint in the photos, leading some to believe that she suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction. But that didn’t stop the billionaire princess from flaunting that ring anyway.

I guess that’s what happens when your boyfriend is worth more than your dad.

You can see the photos from the DailyMail here.

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