Tone Deaf Lindsey Graham Tweets Hypocritical Post About MLK And The Internet Is Not Having It

He really had the audacity.

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Today this country honors the life of Reverand Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., a resoundingly influential leader of the civil rights movement — something that has become more important than many of us have seen in our lifetimes over the course of the past four years. Something that Donald Trump and every one of his people has spit in the face of during their time in office.

And today, none other than South Carolina Senator and Trump sycophant supreme proved that his audacity is alive and well in a tweet “honoring” Dr. King and shamelessly peddling the GOP’s new “unity” talking point to save Donald Trump’s ass.

“In these troubled times we need to pursue Dr. King’s dream for America with passion and vigor. The words of his “I Have a Dream” address mean as much today as when they were delivered,” Graham’s shameless tweet reads. “Dr. King is a true American inspiration.”


This coming from the man who’s southern fried in homegrown racism, dipped in disappointment and shame.

To say the very least, social media took him to task, as he deserved:

There’s so much I could say here, but let me leave you with this Senator; The best thing you could do for yourself is sit down, shut up, and keep Dr. King’s name out of your filthy mouth.

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