Topics For The Next Debate Are Announced And Trump Could Have Some Problems

I can't wait to see him try to answer these.

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The final debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Trump will be here in just one week and this is it — the climax of the 2020 election. There are six topics that they will face, all no-nonsense and policy-driven, and Trump is going to hate it. The topics at this final debate consist of: Fighting COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, and Leadership.

Trump has been lackluster (to say the least) across the board but he could not have been dealt a worse hand in terms of questions and we think it is fantastic.

Starting with the most obvious weak topic for Trump, coronavirus response, to call his response to this deadly pandemic flaccid would be a massive understatement. Not only is Trump responsible for a wealth of the misinformation about the virus, his constant downplaying has led us to a scenario where he is actually suggesting a herd immunity strategy. We are up to 218,000 deaths and rising, with 70,000 new cases yesterday. Trump has no defense here, just failure.

Trump has never exactly been a “family values” type of person, the cheating with pornstars and multiple wives are testimony of that alone. On the question of race in America, Trump may tout his wayward statistics and claim, “No one has done more for African Americans than Donald Trump.” But we have seen how he treats Black Lives Matters, we have seen his racism flare up constantly. Whether it be keeping children locked in cages or dubbing the pandemic Kung Flu, this is also a topic he can’t escape reality on.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, he is a science denier that suggested that California practice better “forest management” and sweep their forest floors. Trump will almost certainly attempt to switch the topic away from the real proven crisis we face and babble about explosive trees again.

The topic of national security is a hard one to gauge him on, considering he doesn’t like to read intelligence briefings. Finally, when it comes to leadership, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is a leader to some small pocket of extremists, but he isn’t a leader to America. He isn’t there for anyone but himself, and I look forward to seeing him get destroyed on these important policy questions.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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