Trump Accidentally Confirms Cohen Evidence In Tweet Where He Brags About Donating His Salary

Trump just buried himself.

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In an attempt to pat himself on the back, Trump coincidentally just set in stone everything that Micheal Cohen has testified to — Donald Trump is still neck deep in hush money.

Donnie took to Twitter to give his ego a good, long stroke, crowing on about how wonderfully fantastic he is for donating his presidential earnings every year to various different agencies — this time to the Department of Homeland Security. Ironically enough in the midst of his border wall bullshit, lately. In fact, Donald was so damn proud that he ACTUALLY posted a photo of the supposed donation check along with his tweet. Self-righteous, much?

But the Twitter-sphere quickly took notice of how similar this particular check looked to all of the other checks that have been sent out before and during his presidency — particularly the ones that were ultimately meant to keep Stormy Daniels’ and Karen McDougal’s mouths shut.

Cohen testified that Trump was and still remains “deeply involved” in a hush money arrangement to the porn star. He claimed that he fronted the $130,000 that was paid to Daniels and was later reimbursed that money through a series of payments sent to Cohen by check — checks that Michael Cohen produced physical proof of during his testimony:



It seems that while Trump was attempting to praise himself to the masses, he also inadvertently proved the fact that he has been able and will continue to simply write a check in an attempt to get what he wants, whether that be to a quiet porn star or a Department of Homeland Security that we all know he’s getting help from these days.

It’s no secret that humility is not a virtue of Donald Trump’s. But this time his cockiness and the deep-seated need to feel powerful and revered may have just bit him in the ass.

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