Trump Administration Appears To Be Trying To Make It Easier For Banks To Reject Loans For People Of Color

This is so disgusting.

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Donald Trump is a racist. That is not up for debate. It is not something that I am willing to have a hearty conversation with you over. I will not entertain your ideas, opinions, or questions pertaining to it. It is a fact. It has been a fact for some years now, and unless Donald falls victim to some mind-altering brain injury, it will remain a fact until long after he’s feeding the worms six feet under somewhere.

The travel bans against brown people, the cages at our southern borders full of brown children that were ripped from the arms of their brown parents, the relentless labels against any and every human being that wouldn’t survive Hitler’s Reich are enough in and of themselves to prove my point and infallibly remove any room for doubt.

But it seems that the entire world knowing that the man is a racist piece of shit isn’t enough to actually stanch his blatant displays of it.


One of Donald’s recent moves designed to attack people of color is special though, in the sense that its racism is double-edged — rooted in his desire to see the downfall of not only people of color as a whole but one specific person of color who he has a personal bitterness towards, his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump and his administration are now seeking to roll back Obama-era rules and regulations put into place by the 44th president of the United States specifically designed to protect people of color against housing discrimination, as well as put a big, red target right on the nose of the Fair Housing Act, a federal law that’s protected against segregation in American neighborhoods for half a century.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is now working to dismantle the rule that’s meant to combat “unintentional” discrimination against people of color, such as the use of algorithms by bank lenders that unfairly pins black people as “risky” and rejects an excessive number of applications from people of color.

They are also looking to roll back a rule that withholds federal funding from cities and municipalities that fail or refuse to acknowledge and address segregation.

President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Diane Yentel, stated while speaking to the Washington Post on the matter, “The proposed rule entirely ignores the essential racial desegregation obligations of fair housing law.”

In a New York Times op-ed published recently, former Obama administration HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan called the rollbacks “reckless and wrong.”

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has thus far refused to respond to requests for comments.

Frankly, this move serves two purposes for Trump — it helps to ensure the ultimate downfall of the black community, something he’s been gunning for ever since his family’s estate company allegedly violated the Fair Housing Act by refusing to allow people of color to lease their properties back in the 1970s, but it also serves, in his mind, as a slap in the face to the black man who came before him. The president that was beloved and respected by his country — something that Trump has yet to achieve.

I wish that I could say I’m surprised. But honestly, I just find myself sickened, heartbroken, and profoundly angry once again.

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