Trump Administration Gets Even More Shady, Purposely Hiding Security Clearance And Foreign Meeting Records

How can anyone trust these people?!

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Donald Trump and every part of his administration, all the way down to his legal team, cannot be trusted by the American people. We’ve seen this throughout his entire presidency as the White House has been found of several unethical, protocol-breaking procedures and practices. Things are getting even worse.

Trump’s legal team looks like it is scrambling to protect the president from House Democrats looking to subpoena information about the president and his apparatus. The latest targeted info seems to be security clearances and meetings with foreign leaders — and Trump’s counsel is holding this information hostage.

The Washington Post has reported that Trump’s attorneys and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone are working hard to hide and protect these documents, claiming that executive privilege protects these documents from Congressional requests. Under executive privilege, some of the president’s communications can be held back if revealing them might interfere with decision-making or the executive branch’s functioning. So basically, Trump’s team is playing the only card they can right now.


Security clearance and the president’s foreign meetings have both been highly controversial topics during Trump’s presidency and the president has been accused of mishandling both. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are now trying to investigate these issues after a whistleblower stated that regarding certain security clearance issues, “criminal conduct” had prevented some people in the Trump administration from getting clearance.

Trump’s most unhinged lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has responded to these requests with a message to Democrats:

I wouldn’t cooperate with any of them. I’d fight it tooth and nail.”

Trump’s lawyers have also told his accounting firm, Mazars USA, not to comply with subpoenas for information about the president’s financial documents. For someone who swears up and down that he is innocent, Trump sure doesn’t know how to act like it.

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