Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow Confronted By Reporter: “2,000 People A Day Are Dying Of COVID…Where Is The President’s Leadership?”

He had a hard time answering this question.

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The death toll in the United States from the coronavirus is staggering. Over two hundred and seventy-six thousand Americans have perished from COVID-19, and over fourteen million people in this country have contracted the disease. Dr. Sanjay Gupta said the coronavirus is now the number one cause of death in the U.S. this week, surpassing heart disease. However, Donald Trump seems to be missing in action, except for his rage-tweets as he airs his grievances over his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. The lack of compassion from the White House is mind-blowing.

On Friday, during a press conference, a reporter confronted White House advisor Larry Kudlow, asking, “Where is the President?” He responded, “I don’t understand.”

CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid shared the tweet, with the reporter asking Kudlow, “2,000 people a day are dying of COVID…Where is the President’s leadership?”


Kudlow insisted that “help is on the way,” but he said that while food banks are being hammered and Americans don’t seem to be getting a second round of stimulus relief checks. That is happening right now.


Trump is more concerned about the narcissistic injury he suffered over his election loss than he is about the hundreds of thousands of deaths that happened on his watch.

Also, Kudlow contradicted his previous remarks on the economy:

Well, it’s not fair to say that Trump has been MIA. The president did hold super-spreader rallies with largely maskless crowds while mocking social distancing guidelines. What an awful legacy this president and his enablers will leave behind. And what are the odds that the economy that Kudlow predicts the pandemic will impact next year will be blamed on Joe Biden?

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