Trump Aide Claims Former President Attacked Meghan Markle, Called Her “No Good” After Oprah Interview

He just can't stop himself.

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Donald Trump, who never misses an opportunity to get in the spotlight, hasn’t publicly reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. There’s a reason for that, according to his adviser Jason Miller. Miller revealed Trump’s reaction to the Sussexes’ interview during an appearance on former White House adviser Steve Bannon’s podcast.

Miller said that the former president told him he could “make a little news” by sharing his reaction to the interview – but he then ultimately decided that it wasn’t a good idea, according to the Daily Mail.

‘When I was talking to the president this morning … he’s like: “Yeah, [Meghan’s] no good. I said that, and now everybody’s seeing it.’

“But you realize if you say anything negative about Meghan Markle, you get canceled. Look at Piers [Morgan],” Miller recalled.

Last week, Morgan threw a hissy fit after one of his colleagues on the show “Good Morning Britain” called him out after he questioned Markle’s sincerity about feeling suicidal over her treatment by the royal family. Morgan ended up walking off the set last week, and his role in the show quickly came to an end.

This isn’t the first time the former president has lashed out at Meghan Markle. After the Sussexes released what appeared to be a pro-Biden ad last year, urging Americans to vote, Donald weighed in to demean the Duchess of Sussex.

“I’m not a fan of hers,” Trump said from the White House podium after a reporter with the Daily Mail asked the then-president about the statement made by the couple. “I would say this — and she has probably has heard that — I wish a lot of luck to Harry because he’s going to need it.”

Yes, don’t we all seek marital advice from Donald Trump, the thrice-married adulterer that’s paid a porn star hush money? I’m sure the Sussexes are all torn up about this, wondering, “Do you think Donald would consider giving us marriage counseling?” Maybe Trump should worry about his own marriage. Also, racism was an issue for the Sussexes, so maybe the “very fine people on both sides” former president should have sat this one out.

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