Trump Aide Who Was Fired For Attending A White Nationalist Meeting Has Reportedly Been Rehired To Manage US Holocaust Memorials

Even further example of Trump's 'best people'.

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Joe Biden said that it was Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville incident that made him commit to running for President in 2020. This may be more important than ever as the infamous “very fine people on both sides” thought process of the Trump campaign is still very much alive and well. The most recent stint of blatantly racist activity being reported is with the person they have hired to manage the United States’ memorials to commemorate the Holocaust.

“Rehired” would be more like it, as he was a former speechwriter for Donald Trump (yes, he has people write that word vomit) that was fired after attending a white nationalist meeting. There can’t possibly be a less perfect choice, but doing things ass-backwards is Trump’s forte — whether it be a climate skeptic as head of the EPA or someone who has no interest in public education being in charge of it. Trump is in his lame duck period and he is just trying to cause as much chaos and damage as possible, but hiring back Darren Beattie is something special. He actually managed to get fired for something other than going against Trump, and the Trump administration wants him to tend to the memorials of the Holocaust genocide.

Thankfully, his rehiring is raising an eyebrow in the midst of all this other nonsense, with Jonathan A. Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, releasing a statement about Beattie’s nomination:


It is downright shocking that the White House has appointed Darren Beattie, who once attended an event with white supremacists and participated in a panel discussion with white nationalist Peter Brimelow, to serve as a member of a commission specifically created to help preserve the memory of Jewish victims of Nazi atrocities during the Holocaust.”

Greenblatt continued, “Beattie spoke at a conference of the racist and extremist H.L. Mencken Club, where he participated in a discussion with Brimelow, the creator of the racist and anti-immigrant website VDare. As we have said before, there is no place in any presidential administration or government commission for an individual who would attend and participate in such well-known racist events.” Greenblatt’s statement concludes, urging the current White House to rescind their terrible choice, saying:

It is absolutely outrageous that someone who has consorted with racists would even be considered for a position on a commission devoted to preserving Holocaust memorials in Europe. We urge the administration to rescind his appointment immediately.”

If Joe Biden’s first inspiration to run for president was Trump’s weak stance against white nationalism it looks like he is going to have quite the mess to clean up when he finally gets into office.

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