Trump and First Lady Apparently Refused To Eat Anything From Special Menu Prepared For Them On India Trip

This is so embarrassing.

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Donald Trump is like an undisciplined toddler as he lashes out at critics after he’s caught doing a no-no, and refuses to eat his vegetables, even though he should know better at 73-years-old. And as president, Trump shouldn’t be such an insulting fuckwad when visiting foreign countries, but his supporters thought it would be cool to put an unhinged man with zero political experience in the White House, so the bar is pretty low at this point.

Donald Trump and his entourage reportedly refused to eat a single item from a special vegetarian feast prepared for him during his trip to India, The Independent reports. Trump is a fan of hamberders and found himself visiting India, where cows are sacred among Hindus, the country’s majority population.

Trump and his Be Best-y wife, Melania, were presented with the menu during their visit to Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, and embarrassingly refused to eat the food that was prepared for them. At this point, I’m starting to wonder if the obese U.S. president’s suitcase was stuffed with Big Macs and buckets of KFC for his trip.

A well-known award-winning chef named Suresh Khanna tried to please Trump’s palate by adapting a number of famous Indian delicacies to make them more appealing for their foreign guests and even included more familiar items such as chocolate-chip cookies and apple pie, according to the news outlet.

Trump and Melanie, though, refused to touch anything from the special high tea menu.

“Some food items were arranged for the members of the visiting delegation, but neither the US President nor the First Lady had anything during their visit to the Ashram,” said one of the Ashram’s trustees, Kartikeya Sarabhai.

The Indian-born American host of the reality TV show Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi, tweeted, “Trump is the broccoli samosa of people.”

Trump was provided with the food he likes at a luxury hotel in New Delhi, where the presidential suite had been stocked full with Diet Coke and cherry vanilla ice cream in advance of his arrival. Trump couldn’t even pretend to appreciate the Indian culture and the fantastic food they generously extended to the president, and his wife.

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