Trump Appears On Hannity’s Show And People Can’t Help But Notice His Hair

What is that?

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Disgraced former President Donald Trump appeared on Fox New’s Sean Hannity’s show to say “we’re no longer respected” over Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban, even though the twice-impeached former president had the exact same plan before he was defeated in both the electoral and popular vote over nine months ago. But with everything about Trump, it’s all a joke. The former President never appeared to be the commander in chief, but he’d make a good run as a clown. After all, that’s in his resume.

So, while Trump spoke of the seriousness (that he caused) in Afghanistan to Hannity, his hair seemed to take a life of its own, and social media took notice. Hey, my hair looks like shit a lot, but I’m not trying to look pretty with a dead squirrel on my head. At any rate, Twitter users had some fun with the bird’s nest on the former president’s head.

At any rate, if I was going to mock my successor, I wouldn’t do it with a dead rodent on my head. But do go off, Mr. former guy. Great look, though, twice-impeached former guy. 

Featured image via screen capture

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