Trump Appears To Admit That Fox News Exists To Help Him And Republicans To Get Elected

Is Fox News really just going to keep taking Trump's sh*t?

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President Donald Trump must be bored on his flight to Michigan because he took to Twitter to whine about Fox News in a tirade that pretty much proves the conservative network only exists to help elect him and Republicans.

Or at least that’s what Trump thinks it should be.

On his way to visit a Ford manufacturing facility and to possibly tour flood damage as a result of a dam break, Trump griped about Fox News just minutes after posting a video of himself boarding Marine One.


Trump complained that the network is somehow not doing enough to help him and Republicans get elected and named several hosts and pundits he has a problem with because they are either Democrats or are not pro-Trump enough.

Fox News has come under fire over the last few years for being Trump’s propaganda outlet and for being decidedly not “fair and balanced,” as its former slogan once proclaimed.

Trump appears to believe that the sole purpose of the network is to be a political machine for his benefit with complete disregard for facts and truth.

And that’s why Trump has increasingly promoted right-wing network OANN, which does not even bother with facts.

Frankly, with 95,000 Americans dead and tens of thousands more expected to die in the coming weeks and months, one would think Trump has more important things to do instead of whining about Fox News. But, once again, Trump only cares about himself and his ego. It makes one wonder why Fox News has not dumped him since they must surely be getting sick of the constant abuse.

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