Trump Appears To Be A Satisfied Customer After He Congratulates Barr For Interfering In Stone Sentencing

This is what you call a crisis.

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Donald Trump basically took a Mack truck and drove it into his longtime associate Roger Stone’s case, sparking fears of his unhinged behavior following his impeachment acquittal by Republicans who apparently believe that a raging narcissist doesn’t need checks and balances. We’re sure Susan Collins is working overtime by furrowing her brows several times this morning as an unhinged president and his attorney general burn the Department of Justice down.

The Justice Department’s own prosecutors just resigned en masse from Stone’s case in probably one of the more courageous moves we’ve seen lately. But Trump took that opportunity to lash out at the prosecutors on Twitter. Then Trump targeted the judge presiding over the case and bizarrely added, “How did she treat Crooked Hillary Clinton?”

The DOJ’s prosecutors recommended Stone serve up to nine years in prison, but then Trump tweeted on Tuesday that it was “unfair” and then everything changed.

By Wednesday morning, Trump took his little claws to his Twitter account to congratulate Attorney General Bill Barr for “taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought.”

Politico reporter Kyle Cheney tweeted that Trump was confirming that Barr intervened in Stone’s case.

Trump, emboldened by his acquittal, is now acting with impunity. Barr, who acts as Trump’s drooling lapdog, is now reportedly taking control of legal matters of interest to the “president,” including the Roger Stone sentencing. Trump is now plotting revenge as Susan Collins furrows her brow one more time. In an unprecedented move, Trump is now saying the military should look at disciplinary action against Lt. Col. Vindman, who gave testimony in impeachment hearings in the president’s impeachment inquiry after he was issued a subpoena.

Who knew that feeding a raging narcissist even more power would turn into such a disastrous shitshow? Sit the fuck down, Susan Collins.

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