Trump Appears To Be Unaware Of How Long Ohio Has Had Humans Living In It

Just when you thought he couldn't get any stupider.

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Donald Trump, despite how hard he really, really tries to make everyone believe he is, isn’t the sharpest crayon to ever come out of the Crayola box.

He makes a point on the regular to brag about his vigor, his youthfulness, his vitality, and his intelligence. However, a quick look at him is more than sufficient proof that the youthfulness, vigor, and vitality are a big, steaming crock of shit. The intelligence part he takes care of as well the moment he opens his mouth.

I’m sure we can all agree that, for someone who regularly claims to be the “smartest man” alive on essentially every subject that has ever existed ever, he sure does say a whole lot of just absolutely stupid shit.


So, one of two things is happening here — either this is some seriously bizarre long-game ploy to make America and the entire rest of the world simply think he’s dumb as a box of rocks in an effort to pull off some unknown but assuredly fucking weird and detrimental scheme. Or, the man is seriously just that fucking stupid.

Honestly, I am heavily leaning towards the latter.

And let me tell ya why.

During his MAGA rally in Toledo, Ohio last night, the first thinly-veiled KKK shindig of the new year, Donald Trump went completely off the rails in a whole lot of ways — complete with some of the shittiest attacks against Democrats he’s pulled out of his ass to date and yet another disgusting brag against Abraham Lincoln.

It was truly a night full of shitty MAGA fuckery in a room full of people who don’t have a collective IQ to match their shoe size.

However, in addition to some of the worst things to ever come out of the mouth of Trump, we were graced with one of the stupidest to date last night, as well.

As he addressed the crowd of folks in Ohio, it seems that he forgot (or rather, never really knew to start with) that the state of Ohio has had humans in it for a really long time.

Trump kicked off the tangent when he took the opportunity to credit himself for the clean air and water that we’re all supposedly enjoying these days. (Cause fuck Flint, Michigan, I guess?)

“And our air, and our water, right now is cleaner than it has been in 40 years,” Trump declared with a conglomeration of fanciful hand gestures.

“And sadly I can’t say historic,” he continued, “because, ya know, a couple’a hundred years ago there was nobody here. Right? So I assume that two, three hundred years ago was cleaner, probably. Ya never know. But our water and our air is as clean as it’s ever been.”


Ohio has had humans in it for a long, long… Long time. The state of Ohio was admitted to the Union on March 1, 1803, almost 217 years ago.

However, Trump still seems to be forgetting that people with brown skin are people too. Native Americans inhabited this country, Ohio included, long before us white folk came over with our pitchforks and our smallpox, and our shitty turkey dinners.

But who am I to expect Trump to acknowledge anything aside from caucasian, right?

You can watch the clip here:

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