Trump Appears To Brag At His Ohio Rally That He “Beat Abe Lincoln In A Poll”

Someone call the guys in the white coats.

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Since Trump’s address to the nation about Iran, there has been basically endless speculation as to whether the President is once again using drugs, perhaps Adderall, before he gives his speeches. There’s constant sniffing, a waxy appearance to his face, dilated pupils, and just copious, copious amounts of crazy-ass shit that comes out of his mouth.

I think that’s actually the official scientific term for a Trump speech now, “crazy-ass shit.”

I wish that I could say his rally tonight in Toledo, Ohio was no different, but the thing is, Trump always ramps up the crazy when it comes to giant gatherings of his people — the unhinged MAGA fanatics, thrilled that they get to use the N-word openly and grope the ladies at work again with impunity now that a racist sexual predator sits in the Oval Office.


And yes, I’m about to get to the part that the title of this piece refers to, but honestly, it just has to be framed the way I’ve set it up here, because if every speech by every president the nation has ever had were some sporting event, the majority of them would be golf or tennis, occasionally baseball — Trump’s are exclusively MMA fights and monster truck rallies.

That just isn’t the kind of environment you might expect to hear about President Abraham Lincoln in.

But just in case you missed it, a few weeks ago there was a poll among Republican voters as to who was the better president between Trump and Lincoln — a setup, if you ask me, to get people to show off how stupid they are — and I don’t even have to tell you Trump won, because you already know Republican voters are assholes who hate smart people and will do anything to avoid being told they’re wrong, ever.

Trump is just not over it yet, though. He is still reveling in his crushing defeat of the 16th President in an opinion poll among the biggest idiots this side of anti-vaxxers and Scientologists.

There’s so much crazy in that literally just over 60 seconds of video that it’s hard to parse it, really. He calls Melania “First Lady” to her face now, apparently. He’s still using the royal “we” in talking about himself. He’s not sure if they had polls back then.

So is Trump on drugs? I actually kind of hope so. Otherwise he is seriously off his rocker, and I feel like that’s gotta be much, much worse.

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