Trump Appears To Snap After Question About Why He’s Not Sending A Lawyer To Impeachment Hearing: “The Whole Thing Is A Hoax!”

Something wrong, Mr. Trump?

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“President” Stompy Feet on Monday didn’t seem to appreciate being asked by reporters why he was refusing to send his own attorneys to the House impeachment hearings this week. It’s a fair question since he recently demanded to have an attorney present, then quickly declined the invitation by House Democrats.

Trump, of course, lashed out over the impeachment hearing, then one reporter asked the current occupant of the White House why he wouldn’t send at least one member of his own legal team to the hearings to represent him.

“Because the whole thing is a hoax!” Trump yelled at reporters. “Everybody knows it!”


That doesn’t make any sense. If you’re facing serious charges as “president,” you would want a defense team there to represent you. That is, unless all of your attorneys are busy trying to find attorneys to represent them after being tied to this toxic administration.

Trump repeated his claims that House Democrats are deliberately holding the first Judiciary Committee hearing on impeachment at the same time the “president” will be in London meeting with other NATO members. That’s apparently the best they can come up with, and Trump has repeatedly taken a giant dump on NATO anyway so we’re not even sure why he’s attending the event. And, foreign leaders aren’t exactly exuberant that Trump is attending NATO’s 70th birthday commemoration in London.

Trump also said that Democrats are “being killed in their own districts,” without proof of his claim. Recent elections prove otherwise. Earlier on Monday, Trump appeared to tweet an objection to not having legal representation at the impeachment hearing even though he declined to have an attorney present.

While Trump may be getting better at operating an umbrella, his worn-out “hoax” rhetoric while not actually answering a simple question is just another example of something the former reality show star excels at: projection. Also, that was an amazing word salad he tossed out to the reporters.

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