Trump Attended Christmas Church Service Where He Was Asked To Deliver A Christmas Message To The Congregation, But Video Shows He Just Made It All About Himself

He's so full of himself, I don't know how he hasn't popped.

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Yesterday, one-term, twice-impeached, disgraced former President Donald Trump hid his devil horns under his cotton candy hairpiece long enough to attend a Christmas church service at First Baptist Dallas in Texas, as he and his tour partner Bill O’Reilly were already in the Lonestar state wrapping up the final leg of their “History Tour,” that shook out to pretty much be a big ole bust.

The reception to the former guy at this Sunday’s church service was certainly far better than what he received at his last tour event when he was booed by his own audience of supporters after he and Bill admitted that they’ve had all their COVID-19 vaccines, including their boosters. The crowd at First Baptist Dallas gave the former guy a rambunctious welcome, full of applause when their pastor Robert Jeffress announced that the ex-president was there and welcomed him to the church’s stage to address the congregation.

Jeffress welcomed Trump to the podium to share “whatever is on your heart, but especially a Christmas greeting for us.”

However, once Trump waddled his way to the stage, his “greeting” was a whole hell of a lot less about Christmas and a whole lot more about himself.

Trump took a hot half a second to compliment Jeffress on his massive mega-church, dubbing the place “beautiful.” But Donald’s compliments lasted about as long as his attention span for anything but himself, as he quickly geared into using the church’s podium as a platform to air his numerous grievances.

See for yourself:

While his Christmas greeting turned makeshift MAGA was full of all his greatest hits — Afghanistan, inflation, gas prices, and the border — he didn’t seem to mention the actual Christmas holiday even once in the clip.

Frankly, Donald Trump doesn’t care about Christmas any more than I care about his hairpiece. But God knows he’s not about to miss an opportunity to talk about himself.

Featured image via screen capture 

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