Trump Attends Prayer Breakfast, Waves Around Newspaper With Headline “Acquitted”

And so it begins...

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Donald Trump finally got what he’s been looking for. As of yesterday evening, he was acquitted of all charges in his Senate impeachment trial that can only be described as a partisan con job. In a vote where the outcome was never truly doubted by the Trump administration nor the American people, Trump was cleared of both articles of impeachment after the Senate failed to secure the two-thirds margin needed to kick him out.

Unsurprisingly, the vote adhered almost perfectly to party lines, with the entirety of the Democratic Senate voting in favor of removal and only one GOP Senator, Mitt Romney, daring to break with his party and vote of the side of justice rather than politics.

Long story short, Trump got away with it all. And don’t you doubt for even a second that Donald Trump is making a huge spectacle out of his GOP determined “innocence.”

If you happened to be one of those people, like Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins, who somehow managed to convince yourself that Trump had “learned his lesson” as a result of this impeachment process, give me a call because I’ve got some spectacular oceanfront property in Arizona that you’re just going to love.

Donald Trump is not sorry. Donald Trump is not scared. The only thing that this process and ultimate acquittal has taught him is that he actually can get away with pretty much anything so long as he has all the right people in all the right places.

This has taken what was already a monster and transformed him into an all-powerful Demogorgon.

Donald made as much clear first thing this morning as he attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

The point of the National Prayer Breakfast is to promote “faithfulness, humility, and reflection among national leaders.”

Donald Trump used it to promote himself, taking to the stage this morning waving around a copy of a USA Today Newspaper featuring the big, bold, front-page headline “ACQUITTED.”

At this point, Trump is truly living it up. But let this serve as a warning to him and his “people” — we are not done. We will vote out every one of his jockeys. We will continue to hammer him with investigations. We will vote him out. And when the time is right, we will convict him.

Hope you look good in orange, Donald.

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