Trump Attorney Handed A Major Loss As Supreme Court Refuses To Even Hear His Lawsuit Over Cancelled Speaking Event

Oof. They wouldn't even hear it!

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Not only do the court losses just keep on rolling in for ex-president Donald Trump, is seems his bad luck in the way of the law is beginning to spread to those around him — as a new report just revealed earlier today that one Trump-aligned attorney was just handed a massive, brutally embarrassing loss from the Supreme Court when they downright refused to even hear his case against a non-profit group and the city of Pasadena, California, in which he claimed that his First Amendment rights were violated when he was denied a hosting spot at a speaking event.

According to a new report from Reuters, the United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit delivered a ruling earlier this year stating that the First Amendment rights of controversial pro-Trump attorney, John Eastman, were not violated when one of his planned appearances were canceled.

Eastman has long been known for his typical Trump-style attorney attitude, pushing crazy, outlandish fringe legal theories about rolling back citizenship rights. He’s also the man who’s well-known for drafting the infamous “coup memo” — in which he detailed the theoretical way he supposed former Vice President Mike Pence could have put a stop to Congress’ count and certification of the Electoral College votes in favor of Joe Biden and proceeded to give the House of Representatives the power to confirm Donald Trump as the 2020 presidential election winner, despite the fact that he very much was not the winner.


Ultimately, former VP Pence rejected Eastman’s outlined plan as against the law.

The case in question that saw such a humiliating Supreme Court rejection actually hails back to 2017, when Eastman was hoping to deliver an address at the Maxwell House — a property owned by the city and leased to the Western Justice Center.

“The Pasadena Republican Club had wanted to rent space there so Eastman could appear as a guest speaker, but the Western Justice Center canceled the event because his opposition to same-sex marriage and other expansions of LGBT rights ran counter to the group’s values,” Reuters reporter Lawrence Hurley writes. “Eastman was a professor at Chapman University School of Law at the time. Eastman is the chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, which was active in the fight against legalizing gay marriage.”

Recently, Eastman stepped down from his professorship on the heels of mass controversy in connection to his appearance at the now-infamous “Stop The Steal” rally, that took place outside the Capitol just hours before the violent Capitol riot back in January.

You can read the full report from Reuters here.

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