Trump Attorney Seems To Imply That There May Be Another Civil War If Trump Is Convicted

This is disgraceful.

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It was no secret that Donald Trump was having a pretty hard time finding any old idiot with a law degree to walk onto the Senate floor and defend him against his second impeachment trial after he quite literally incited a violent attack against our nation’s Capitol building as Congress was trying to certify the Electoral College votes. It seemed that no one was really super eager to defend that sort of thing before Congress and the ones that were, Donald had the nerve to try to haggle their price down until they showed themselves out.

He did finally manage to secure himself a legal defense team, but they’re every bit as crazy as we expected.

Trump’s team of attorneys during his Ukraine impeachment were off the rails, and it certainly seems like this group of law school’s “finest” are not only following suit, they’re doing their best to one-up those who came before him — who knows, maybe they’ve got a bet going. Earlier today, Trump’s attorney Bruce Castor Jr. made it crystal clear that he doesn’t have even the smallest of grips on what the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution actually means, and now his colleague, David Schoen, is following him up with hints at a second Civil War all because people love Trump too much.


During the trial, Schoen stated, “This trial will tear this country apart, perhaps like we have only seen once before in our history.” — clearly hinting at the one and only Civil War we’ve ever seen in this country.

He went on to complain about the montage of footage put together by House impeachment managers that highlighted the violence that was perpetrated on January 6th, as well as Donald Trump’s personal hand in it.

There won’t be a Civil War, folks. But if there is, history has already shown us that the racist ones lose.

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