Trump Awkwardly Tells Black Reporter During Press Briefing That He Looks Like Michael Bloomberg

God, he's disgusting.

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It looks like Attorney General Bill Barr’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee wasn’t the only trainwreck we’d be witnessing in real-time today.

Donald Trump has fired back up his old Coronavirus Task Force briefings, less the actual Coronavirus Task Force at this point (leaving them to feel a whole lot more like makeshift campaign rallies) and they’re every bit as bad as we remembered, and then some.

Trump kicked off his little shindig this evening with a pretty big gripe about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s approval ratings — whining to a room full of White House reporters who couldn’t care less if they tried about the fact that America seems to love Dr. Fauci while they can barely stand to stomach his face and evidently, he just can’t figure out why. Though, he did seem to speculate that it may have something to do with his “personality.”


I don’t suppose anyone’s clued him in yet that Dr. Fauci is trying to save this country from a literal deadly pandemic while he actively tries to get us all killed. But I digress.

As is customary for these public Trump ego-strokings, the thing only got worse as it went on.

And, of course, Donnie certainly didn’t pass up the opportunity to let his racism shine bright like a diamond.

Trump quickly found himself pretty irritated with reporters this evening, after one White House correspondent grilled him over a canceled meeting with drug reps. So, Donnie was extra spicy at the tongue when he got to one reporter who Trump said was from Bloomberg News. 

Trump pointed at the reporter to allow for his question and said “Bloomberg. You look like Mr. Bloomberg. Go ahead.”

“I think you look much better, actually,” Trump continued as the reporter asked his question.

But here’s the kicker. The reporter that Trump called on — and essentially insulted right to his face because we all know how Trump feels about Michael Bloomberg — is black.

It’s clear that Trump doesn’t give a single damn about the issues that black people are still facing in this nation. He just wants to crack jokes.

You can watch the clip here:

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