Trump Boasted About “Tens Of Thousands” In Attendance As Supporters There Claim It Was “The Worst Organized Thing In The World,” Talked Of “Overflowing Portable Toilets And Lots Of Trash”

This is honestly just disgusting.

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Trump held a MAGA rally last night in Wildwood, New Jersey, an occurrence that I’m certain we can expect to see more of in the coming months as the election season quickly approaches, and by his typical standards, it wasn’t his best.

Now, if Donald were any semblance of a normal, sane human being, I’d say the rally went okay. He kept it rather short last night and didn’t really appear to stray much from his scripted speech. However, Donald Trump is not normal, nor is he sane. His rallies are almost always filled with unhinged, unscripted, and long-winded rants and ravings, typically taking up at least a few good hours.

So, for the likes of Donnie to deliver a speech that lasted under two hours and wasn’t completely chock-full of the most nonsensical tirades he could muster up is a pretty good indicator that Trump is off his game. Not to mention the fact that he had so much trouble actually, physically speaking that even his beloved Fox News Network had a snicker at his expense.


Frankly, it was strikingly clear that Donald was struggling last night, no doubt as a result of Bolton’s most recent bombshell leak against him in combination with the impeachment trial that has already turned out to be more tricky to sway than he had originally expected.

He was struggling so much, in fact, that the situation outside of his New Jersey rally last night was just as terrible as it was inside.

Of course, no matter how hard Donald Trump is struggling, the man is never going to miss an opportunity for an embellished brag, stating to his crowd last night, “We have tens of thousands of people outside.”

He even went on to tease at those who did manage to get inside the 7,400 capacity arena, “If anybody would like to give them your place, please let us know.”

In all honesty, there was a rather large crowd gathered outside of the venue last night. However, according to a report from NJ Advance Media reporters who were on the scene, as well as first-hand accounts from several supporters, it was a complete and utter mess out there. spoke with one MAGA supporter, Nancy Nicholls, outside the arena, who recounted “overflowing portable toilets and lots of trash.”

“We got no information about things,” she claimed.

Linda Badie, who had been waiting outside the venue since noon yesterday with hopes of getting inside stated, “It’s the worst organized thing in the world.”

Dozens of people reported that they had been waiting outside in the cold since the wee hours of yesterday morning in an attempt to get a seat or at least watch the Trump speech on the big screen, but the chaos outside was nearly intolerable.

It’s pretty apparent at this point that Trump is struggling hard to keep his shit together — so much so that even his rabid base of supporters is beginning to notice.

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You can read the full report here.

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