Trump Brags About National Guard Arrival In Minneapolis And Gets Slammed For Claiming George Floyd Will Not Have Died In Vain

He's only making things worse every time he tweets.

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After threatening to send in the National Guard to shoot down black protesters, President Donald Trump is now bragging about the Guard’s arrival and got put in his place for insisting that George Floyd will not have died in vain.

Trump threatened to send in the National Guard — something he actually has no legal authority to do, since National Guard units are state-based and answer to Governors — to quell protests against the killing of Floyd by Minneapolis police, only he referred to the black protesters as “thugs” and also threatened to order the Guard to shoot them, something he has not done in response to armed white conservatives storming state capitols in protest of social distancing.

Well, the National Guard has apparently arrived on the scene, and Trump took to Twitter to boast about it and ominously announce that the soldiers are “fully prepared” as he once again insisted that Floyd will not have died in vain.


It’s really insulting for Trump to use George Floyd as a political pawn in his game to divide the nation. Floyd is dead because police officers used excessive force and put a knee on his neck. Black people are protesting because those officers have not been arrested and charged with murder.

Social media called Trump out for disgracing Floyd’s memory rather than actually respecting him.

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Let’s hope the National Guard is more disciplined than Trump and will refuse to shoot anyone, especially on his orders.

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