Trump Brings Up Serving More Than Two Terms Once Again In The Wake Of Impeachment Inquiry

Yea... Those 'jokes' don't work anymore.

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Donald Trump is finally facing an impeachment inquiry. After two years and 247 days — chock full of corruption, collusion, countless investigations, numerous credible rape allegations, and once scandal after another — Donald has finally come to a point in this sorry excuse of a presidency of his where he is being forced to face the music and made to understand that, despite his best efforts to turn himself into the love child of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, even he is not above the law.

And folks, it is scaring him to death.

Ever since the news of Trump’s Ukraine scandal broke he’s been scrambling to figure out how to explain it away — even going so far as to willingly release a self-incriminating “transcript” of the phone call in question and call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally to ask her if there is anything at all he can do to prevent this ball from rolling completely downhill — to which Madame Speaker essentially laughed in his face.

But despite everything that Donald is currently going through, which has no doubt increased his daily Adderall dosage ten-fold, he’s still the same egotistical blowhard douche canoe that he’s always been. And something tells me that nothing in this world will change that.

During a sit down with El Salvadorean President Nayib Bukele, Donald fell back on one of his most favorite “jokes” despite the fact that the House of Representatives is literally moving to impeach his ass as we speak — the tried and true extended term.

Bukele stated during the sit down that he was looking forward to working with Trump for the next five years — indicating that Donald would, in fact, be reelected in 2020. And instead of just taking the compliment and moving on with his miserable life, Trump just had to reply with, “much longer than that” before quickly claiming that his quip was just a joke.

Of course, this is far from the first time that Trump has made a statement about staying in the White House longer than the Constitution allows. He always says he’s joking and we always know he’s not. It’s kinda become our “thing” at this point.

However, this does mark the first time that he’s made such a brazen joke when his ass is about to be on the first impeachment train out of there.

I have no doubt that they’ll soon be dragging that man out of the White House by that cotton candy-esque hair of his while he screams all the while, “But! But! My extended term!”

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