Trump Campaign Went To Court To Prove There Was Evidence Of Voter Fraud, Reportedly Presented “Hearsay Written On A Sticky Note”

They are really desperate.

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Mr. Trump is flailing and having his campaign team do everything they can to stop his inevitable eviction from the White House in January. Their desperation was already palpable after they sent out that “Final Notice” fundraising message, begging anyone to donate and “defend the election.”  It is well known now that Donald’s campaign is broke, and they desperately need money for all of the legal challenges against the election they are mounting — and they are definitely skimping on the quality of their lawyers considering what is being reported.

According to The Washington Post, among the slew of filings that the Trump administration has made was a bit of hearsay that had been scribbled down on a sticky note, presented as evidence. Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens of the Michigan First District Court of Appeals rejected the Trump campaign’s obvious attempt to stop the counting of the ballots based on this incredibly reaching evidence, stating:

In that case, a Republican election observer said she’d been given a sticky note by an unnamed poll worker, alleging that late-arriving ballots were being counted improperly, but she couldn’t provide the poll worker’s name or any other proof.”


If you think hearsay on a sticky note from an unnamed poll worker was weak it pales in comparison to them asking anyone who had witnessed any sort of voter fraud to call their hotline to report fraud. I am sure you can guess how this turned out — another brilliant idea Rudy.

 Not every instance of these accusations ends up being humorous though. For example, the Trump campaign alleged voter fraud in Nevada, and it turns out those fraudulent votes were actually from members of the military and their families who legally voted after being transferred elsewhere to serve our country according to a report from The Wall Street Journal

These cases, in all likelihood, will be tossed away in court, especially with evidence such as a sticky note given by an anonymous source. The Trump campaign’s attempts at holding up the election to avoid having to concede have just made it seem like they lost the election even more, but it wouldn’t be the first time things don’t go his way in court, and hopefully, it won’t be the last.

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Chris Gifford