Trump Claimed He Will “Probably Terminate” The New York Times And Washington Post From Being In The White House

Because that's worked so well in the past...

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Donald Trump has had a love-hate relationship with the media since way back in his campaign days. And when I say love-hate, I mean he loves the state-run Fox News Network and hates everyone else. And honestly, now that Fox has found themselves actually reporting true poll numbers rather than the bullshit nonsense Trump wants them to peddle, he’s really not even super fond of them anymore.

He prefers an America where no one is allowed to voice their unsavory opinions of him, instead just being forced to say nice things and bow down to his tiny, lifted feet whenever you’re in his presence — in case you were ever wondering where his obsessions with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un originated from. It’s pure envy, folks.

And Donald made that all too clear a few months ago during a live version of a Twitter tantrum on a Fox News segment with Sean Hannity.

“The media is corrupt. Not all the media. I know some great people, including you, but I know some great journalists,” Trump stated during the interview with his favorite Fox News personality. “Look, they give Pulitzer Prizes to people that got it wrong. In all these people from the New York Times which is the fake newspaper, we don’t even want it in the White House anymore, and we’re probably going to terminate that and the Washington Post from the White House, they are fake.”

Of course, Donnie was in such a fit of rage that he didn’t clarify whether he was “terminating” the publications’ reporters or just their access to the White House. But does it really matter?

He then went on in the interview to claim that the NYT issued an apology to him regarding their coverage of the election — a common Trump lie that has been disputed by both PolitiFact and the Times themselves.

This has happened with Trump before. And I can guarantee that it will happen again. But I have to wonder when people will realize that history has shown us — a leader that disparages the media and denies free speech has never once turned out to be a good thing.

You can watch the clip here:

Featured image via U.S. Air National Guard photo by Dale Greer

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