Trump Claimed “Nobody Briefed Or Told Me” About “So-Called Attacks On Our Troops In Afghanistan By Russians”

Yeah, nobody believes you.

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The President, in a series of tweets, denied reports that he or anyone in his near orbit had been briefed on reports first uncovered in the New York Times that Vladimir Putin and the Russian military were offering bounties to Taliban militants for killing US soldiers in Afghanistan.

No American intelligence agency has denied that the “bounties” happened or that the report is true — at this point, all that’s in question is whether Donald Trump knew and did nothing for the past three months, the span of which is the time that has elapsed since, according to the Times, the President was first informed.


Number one, someone needs to let those around Trump know that his denials do nothing to quell allegations against him. He is a well-documented liar who fibs about even things that happen on video or live in front of the entire nation. His assurances are worthless.

But number two, someone needs to let the President himself know that if he’s not being briefed on something this huge, it’s either because the political and security apparatus around him knows he can’t be trusted with sensitive information, or because everyone around him is staggeringly incompetent.

Either way, nothing about this is going to just go away. If true, this report clearly shows Trump committing treason by not doing anything about it. And the fact that he’s minimizing the Russian government aspect of it in his response tells us that this is likely the case.

Because even if he wasn’t previously informed about this, he is now, and yet has not outlined anything he plans to do in response.

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