Trump Claims Fauci Said “Do Not Wear A Mask Under Any Circumstances,” Then Dissmisively Declares That Tony Is “A Nice Guy, So I Keep Him Around”

This is what causes the divide and consequently our Coronavirus death toll.

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It is no secret that Trump’s relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading infectious disease specialist, has been a rocky one. Fauci is often at odds with the President’s methods of dealing with the virus, but the way he chooses to denounce those methods is usually very calm and collected. The downside of the civil manor he responds with, though, is that it doesn’t usually seem like he is going against the President when he absolutely is.

The split between the experts, namely Fauci, and our government has been the greatest underlying issue we have as a nation to deal with in regard to this virus. The most recent spat between the two is when Trump included Fauci praising him in an ad, which ended up being a quote taken completely out of context. Since then, Trump has tried to will that false praise into existence by repeating it and other untrue things about Fauci. At today’s daily rally Trump lied once again, saying Fauci said, “Do not wear a mask under any circumstance.”

The crowd, easily stirred by their orange cult, leader boo’d Fauci in response:


Not only is Trump downplaying this virus, which has taken 217,000 American lives and counting, he is downplaying Dr. Fauci and scientists as a whole. He is casting doubt on evidence-based efforts to combat this disease. Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said it best in a recent interview on CNBC: “Most governments listen to their scientists, not attack them.”

One day after Gates’ comments and we already have Donald Trump lying to rally a crowd against one of our top scientists.

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Chris Gifford